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Chris Nixon


Jules has worked for me for the last 2 years. I have been very happy with the services she provides no matter how overwhelming they may seem she always seem to sort them out.


Heidi Crick


Jules is so helpful, very receptive and came up with some brilliant ideas and changes to my websites which enhanced them no end. Initially it was just a one off update to my websites but am now using Jules constantly to continue improve the sites. Thoroughly recommend .


Donald Lang


I was looking for someone to update my website. I met Jules over a coffee and had a chat about it. It was very obvious that Jules knew her stuff and very quickly pointed out some of the many things wrong with my site and what could be done to fix them. I offered her the job and she was back within 24 hrs with a major rebranding of my site and services. I was to say the least astonished at the speed and quality of the new site. I cant recommend Jules highly enough, she is simply amazing.


Robert Wall


Very grateful to Jules for sorting out and cleaning up my PC. The performance has now improved greatly.


Margaret Smith


Jules has been helping with my computer for over 6 mths now. I am very happy with her services.


Leigh Herod


Fantastic help with setting up a website. Jules did everything and made it so easy to use. She was More than happy to answer my continuous questions! Always on hand for advice and made everything as simple as possible.Highly recommend Jules for anything computer.


Jo Bremner


Defo recommend Jules. She did a fantastic Web site for us and suggested solutions to any upcoming problems that we hadn't anticipated. Whole site works really well and am impressed with how easy it is to check on it and track any help issues. Jules always seems to find time in her busy day to help with any problems we have with me not being fully up to date with the info that I feel I should know. Brilliant IT lady and will defo use again. Also have it on very good authority that she also helps out with charities. We'll done, Jules Hargreaves!!

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Tessa Chauhan


Jules has been an absolute

life ( business) saver helping my business overnight to a online set up and all the technical support that was required. Extremely knowledgable , creative and proactive coming up with solution tailored to my business. Jules is very responsive and always checking to see if all the systems work and/or if I need any additional assistance. She is a true professional with a personal touch.


Karen Martin


Jules has been an absolute pleasure to meet from the first time I made contact her . I needed my art web page updated and she suggested we first meet up and discuss in details all the problems I had been having and how she could update and improve on all the issues I had with it . I felt ,she was not only really interested in what I was trying to achieve but nothing was too much trouble. What I didn’t know she helped and taught me how to do it . Her knowledge of web building is very impressive and I can’t thank her enough for all she has done to ensure I was pleased with the end result. Her ongoing support is very encouraging and helpful .
Thank you so much Jules , you deserve 5 stars !




I was at a loss with what to do with my Macbook lost passwords documents disapearing Passed it over to Jules and it was sorted in less than a day.

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